Greetings Oasis Reading Mentors!

Welcome to our first Monday Mentor blog from the secluded confines of my living room.

We are currently bombarded with news on COVID-19, so I will not be sharing any new information. We all ended our mentoring sessions rather abruptly, so naturally we are missing and wondering about our students. The plan is to hopefully see them again in the fall – whether you continue to mentor them in scheduled sessions or simply a quick “high-five” in the hallway. We do know their teachers and administrators are doing their best to continue instruction via television, internet and some handouts.

This is our current “new normal!” What we can do to get ready for the big return is simple:

  • Stay healthy – we want to start mentoring as soon as scheduling permits
  • Review our Oasis literacy approach – remember that nifty handbook we were given at training? Dust it off!
  • Open our minds to add different books and activities depending on our student – some in our handbook, some online, some from training
  • Be ready to visit the Oasis resource room when we re-open for mentoring booklets and exciting new book titles
  • If you have made connections with other Oasis volunteers, this is a good time to reach out and stay in touch by phone or email
  • Stay positive that this too shall pass!

Invite others

Please consider referring a friend, previous co-worker, family member or bridge/mahjong partner to join our team. We know that with the reduced school year, the districts will request volunteers to assist with reading mentoring both one-on-one and in the classroom. Annually, we look to train 100 new volunteers and we are always in recruiting mode. With all of you returning in the fall, we should be over 450 strong!

Just for fun

So for your enjoyment and of course, thinking outside the box, attached are a couple links for you to try.
If you are interested in bird cams – I find them quite calming- here is a link.

If you would prefer a little upbeat music – perhaps some Doodling with Beethoven.

And finally, if you are more adventuresome, there is a link to download Zoom if you are planning to meet with family/friends or I would suggest trying some of the new online courses at Oasis.

How to get started with Zoom

Thank you to each of you for remaining on the team and committing to mentoring in the fall.
I frequently remind you not to spend extra money in preparation for your sessions, but to remember you are the gift. During these trying times, I am thankful to know I work with such passionate, considerate, empathetic, flexible, funny people. Of course, this is my first attempt at blogging – it is definitely not as easy as young people make it appear.

Please take a moment and share any thoughts or ideas in the comment section below. I am also looking for blogging ideas moving forward.

Stay tuned and be well.