Greetings Oasis Reading Mentors!

Welcome to Mentor Monday – September 2021 Version.

Welcome to all 140 of our returning volunteers and welcome to 51 new recruits!

For those volunteers still on the team but currently not active – you are missed.

*I understand and appreciate that everyone must decide their comfort level for returning to the schools. Yes, we all must be vaccinated and wearing a mask to volunteer with a student this year. Furthermore, we now all must have a fingerprint background clearance which is valid for two years. The goal is to have all active volunteers mentoring by October… Changes, changes.

*So, the following is a list of APS schools who have welcomed us into their community this year along with one Bernalillo school. If you have been placed/scheduled in a school, thank you for starting that process. If the school of your choice is not on this list, please contact me and we will review options.

7 Bar; A. Montoya; Alvarado; Arroyo del Oso; Chelwood; Comanche; Corrales; Dennis Chavez; Duranes; E.G. Ross; Emerson; Georgia O’Keeffe; Helen Cordero; Hodgin; Inez; La Luz; Lew Wallace; Manzano Mesa; Mark Twain; McCollum; Mission Avenue; Mountain View; North Star; Painted Sky; San Antonito; Sombra del Monte; Tres Volcanes; Valle Vista; Whittier; Zuni  &  W.D. Carroll, Bernallio

Our Oasis office is open to the public. To enter, you must be masked and will be asked to show proof of vaccination. Our library is open for use Monday – Thursday, 9am – 4pm and Friday 9am – 3:30pm. WE have 7000 titles now! We do have library cards for all current Oasis volunteer reading mentors. If you do not have an Oasis library card, please let us know prior to selecting books and we will print a copy or give you the code. The program resources – All About Me and The Journal are available in the library.

I am thrilled to share that our status with APS has increased from essential to critical as they believe we will play an important role in helping students by conversing, reading, and simply committing to supporting them in their academic growth. We keep hearing the buzz words – “social emotional learning” – this year.  I would argue that our literacy approach and the time spent talking with and supporting the student has always promoted that growth.

Here is a little classical, calming music; an inspiring kid tested plan; and something silly for your enjoyment.

Line Rider Race- Who Will Survive?

Stan’s Pearls of Mentoring Wisdom

The Wonky Donkey – Scottish laughing Grandma!  ( For those who are new or simply want to laugh again)

Vicki DeVigneThank you to each and every one of you.  Thank you.  I hope you know that your time, talents and commitment are truly appreciated.

Happy reading,