Greetings Oasis Reading Mentors!

I thank you for laughing and learning along with me on this different form of communication – Vlogging – it is strange and definitely comical. Each new attempt at vlogging brings its own success and foibles. I find myself frequently laughing. Volunteers have commented on the backgrounds, the sounds, or why they can only see my face. Well, I am still waiting on the phone stand for my tripod to be delivered and I am hoping that will help my production – my budget does not include professional filming or specialty lighting … 😊😊😊 In the interim, please enjoy my latest humble attempt!

Sandhill Cranes

Music – Animusic Pipe Dreams

Library Book Humor

Phil Shaw

Original Artist: Phil Shaw
View more of his work here.

Tutor Power

Our Oasis library has 5,000 titles for you to use in your session planning. We also provide some books with prepared session plans . Do you use the prepared session packets with your student? There is a way to access those session plans online using Oasis Tutor Power. Simply visit at the upper right hand side is a sign-in prompt, create a log-in and password. (If you already register online for Oasis classes, the same log-in will work). Next, click the Intergenerational Tutoring box and then the Tutor Power Box. Here you can search for monthly activities, themed units, subject ideas or simply look for a specific book. Be patient and limit the words in your search for specific books. Whatever is available in the database will pop-up. Enjoy different searches as you might find topics or books you had not previously considered. Note: Access to Tutor Power is limited to current team volunteers.

I challenge you…

Do you have a good tip – something you used in a session that was particularly successful with your student? Normally we would share during a support meeting, but this is your opportunity to share in the comments below. Perhaps there is a particularly good activity you used with a classic storybook or you engaged your student with an art book, a biography, a graphic novel or a game you constructed. Let’s share your success!

Stay tuned and be well.