Greetings Oasis Volunteers! Welcome back to Mentor Monday.

I’ll begin by saying, “I Miss You!” I miss you – I miss your stories, I miss your smiles, and I know you miss your students.
I thank you for the kind words forwarded in emails, the cards sent, the long distance smiles, the virtual hugs, and the supportive phone calls.
We truly are a village and in this together (though we are apart).

I know we all have questions about how volunteering will look during the 2020/21 school year. I hope you will keep an open mind about staying on the team -even with a wait and see attitude. I think the first wave of sessions will be virtual volunteering to protect all parties and follow state guidelines. So the plan is to learn about our options for online mentoring and then to train as many volunteers as possible. The bottom line is that the students will still need our support and it is simply a matter of figuring out the logistics for moving forward.

Save the date: July 31st! We will have multiple zoom class meetings to share updates for this coming school year.

Class links will be forwarded on July 29th. Available class times: 9:15 am, 11:00 am and 1:30 pm. Join us for program updates, and a brief refresher.

Kid Tested Session Ideas

Kid tested

Do you have a session that worked well and your student was totally engaged?

You may have experienced that “Aha” moment of connection just because you selected the right book, listened to your student and had a good conversation, or provided an interesting idea to expand the lesson.
Our volunteer, Joan M, is collecting those stories for publication by briefly conducting phone interviews Share!


Thank you to everyone who has returned library books and puppets.
We are moving full speed ahead in updating our library and designing a database.
Our new system should be available by the end of August 2020 – no more sign-in/out sheets!

Fingerprint Clearance:

Yes, the APS school district will undoubtedly require a fingerprint clearance for volunteering.
The plan is to have further information on fingerprinting by July 31st.

Fingerprint clearances are valid for two years. We are already fingerprinting in Belen, Bernalillo and Rio Rancho.

For Laughs

For the Young at Heart

For Nature Lovers

To Soothe the Spirit

Haven’t tried a Zoom class yet and not sure where to start?

Check out our easy video tutorial with Cynthia LaCoe-Maniaci

We still have plenty of opportunities to enjoy an Oasis Zoom class this summer.

We want to hear from you!

We miss you, so make sure you leave us a message about how you’re doing, what your plans are or anything else you might have to say in the comment section below!

As always, thank you for volunteering!
Stay safe and be well,

Vicki DeVigne