Participant: “Any sharing by (this instructor) is a gift.”

Participant: “This class gave me consolation in believing that although I might appear a failure to the world, I do count and I have a purpose. I was meant to hear this at this time in my life. I will just do it with no fear of the outcome. Thank you!”

Participant: “Lucky students who take your classes! It is teachers like you who continue to nurture my love of history.”

Participant: “I am always amazed at (this instructor’s) knowledge on a variety of subjects – please bring her back.”

Participant: “Just read the new Oasis catalog from beginning to end. Each time it seems to get better. I just wanted to tell you what a great job you are doing.”

Instructor: “A woman called to say she bought a book I recommended, The Highly Sensitive Person. She said it helped her to see herself in a completely new way. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help folks in this way!”

Volunteer: “Want to express my appreciation for the game tickets and the thoughtful write-up in the recent catalog…both unnecessary, but gratefully enjoyed and accepted. Made me remember why I originally volunteered with Oasis during the Jurassic Period (as my family laughingly calls it): my attempt to express appreciation for the programs I was attending at the time.”

Volunteer: “Oasis has successfully exposed seniors to many disciplines, experiences, tiny information peeks all but unavailable elsewhere…and in the perfect shortened format to enable those of us with decreasing retention to still learn and enjoy the content.”

Volunteer:“Oasis has given me an opportunity to continue to learn, to keep physically active, and to meet new people who have really enriched my life. I enjoy making phone calls to remind members about their upcoming classes. I feel that I am doing my part to keep people engaged and active.”

Schoolteacher who works with Oasis tutors: “I will continue to use Oasis tutors because they are so kind and patient. The students’ confidence really builds.”