Despite our fervent wishes to the contrary, it has become apparent that Oasis will need to suspend classes (including rescheduled classes) for the remainder of the spring term. Oasis staff will be working over the next few weeks to reschedule as many missed classes from March 16 through April 24 as we can and place them into the fall schedule, with several exceptions:

  • Day trips – Chama, Las Vegas, and Galena King Mine. If you are enrolled in one of those, you will be contacted individually.
  • Live stream classes – we anticipate offering several over the next few weeks including a class on COVID-19 – covering social isolation, flattening the curve and what to expect over the next few weeks. Details to follow later this week.

You will automatically receive a credit to your Oasis account for any class(es) you were enrolled in between March 16 and April 24. That credit will be in your Oasis account when you next register for an Oasis class. Please allow us two weeks to process these credits.

As stated in previous emails, if you wish to donate your class fee(s) back to Oasis, we greatly appreciate it! You can email us or call the office at 505-884-4529. We will send official thank you letters for tax purposes when staff is able to return to the office. As we are working from home, please know that there may be a delay in responding to you. Thank you for your patience and consideration!

Kathleen Raskob

Executive Director

Oasis Albuquerque