Voracious reader Janis Cline, a retired registered nurse, needed something to do with her spare time.

With her love of reading — she loves mysteries, uses a Kindle and belongs to a local book club — her time spent helping her two young grandchildren who attend Ernest Stapleton Elementary and having read about the Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring Program’s need for tutors in Rio Rancho schools, she didn’t have to read between the lines for an answer.

“I saw it in the paper,” she said of the item that sparked her interest. “I love kids. (Tutoring) is so different from anything I’ve ever done.

“It was real nice: one day of training and it was a lot of fun,” Cline said, noticing what she suspects is a difference in teaching than when she was in elementary school while being raised in the Midwest.

“I think they push the kids to learn a lot more earlier,” she said. “They’re trying to make them think more and solve a problem. Some kids kind of fall through the cracks — the tutoring gives them that extra amount they need. Some don’t get it at home.”

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