Summer 2020 Catalog Cover

New for you! We have three upcoming livestream classes, information about the summer catalog, Giving Tuesday, and the Intergenerational Tutoring Program!

Summer Catalog Update

Catalogs will be mailed later this week. The Oasis office is closed until May 18th. If you use a paper registration form, we recommend you mail it into the Oasis office (PO Box 35518, 87176) as soon as possible. This means you will not be able to physically drop off our form or pick up a catalog until after May 18th. (As you know by now, this date is subject to change!)

Check your email this Thursday for updated information about accessing the online version of the summer catalog and beginning to create your wish list!

Livestream classes

You may register online for these classes by clicking on the class title. Or you can call the office at 505-884-4529 to register with a credit card over the phone. Please call at least 24 hours in advance. After you have registered, you will receive an automatically generated receipt which has the link you need to access the class.

Streaming Video Classes

I’ll See You on the Dark Side of the Moon: Pink Floyd
Jane Ellen Wednesday, May 6, 2020 10:00-Noon $10
British rockers Pink Floyd were far from just “Another Brick in the Wall.” Together these ambitious and virtuosic musicians became the founders of both blues-based progressive rock and psychedelic space-rock. They also became known for intense songs with lyrics commenting on emotional, political, and social issues. Unafraid to experiment with technology, they used increasingly innovative sonic effects and state-of-the-art recording techniques to help craft their albums and film scores.

Jane Ellen is the consummate storyteller with eclectic interests, specializing in music and entertainment history. She is an award-winning composer and recording artist who shares her passion for music, history, and spirituality with Albuquerque audiences. Jane has a catalog of more than 60 published works and numerous choral and chamber commissions; and her music has been performed internationally.

Recent Archaeological Research at Jemez Historic Site (#411)
Matthew Barbour Monday, May 11 3:00-4:30pm $5
Between August 2018 and April 2019, archaeological investigations at Jemez Historic Site were conducted. The goal was to address long held questions about the Jemez people, their origins, and how their lives changed after the arrival of the Spanish. Twenty thousand artifacts were collected along with documentation of a 17th century abandoned room. Matt Barbour discusses the results and the impacts it is already having on the interpretation of the site.
**This class was offered during the Oasis spring session and is a repeat.**

Matthew Barbour holds BA and MA degrees in anthropology from UNM and works for the NM Department of Cultural Affairs. He is the regional manager of Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites. He has published over 200 nonfiction articles and monographs. Under Barbour’s management, Coronado Historic Site received an Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History and the Jemez Historic Site received the Archaeology Heritage Preservation Award.

Notre Dame Cathedral After the Fire of 2019 (#410)
Charles Steen Thursday, May 14 3:00-4:30pm $5
The fire that seriously damaged Notre Dame has resulted in a restoration project that will last five years. In this lecture, Charlie Steen considers the elements of original construction that helped to preserve much of the structure and also present some of the ideas for new roofing for the nave. The medieval architects and craftsmen built the strongest and largest building of its day and their work saved the cathedral from total destruction and part of the lecture discusses their skill.
**This class was offered during the Oasis spring session and is a repeat.**

Charlie Steen places historical events in context with art, architecture, religion, and other cultural aspects of a period. He teaches western civilization in the UNM Department of History. He is the author of five books, including Margaret of Parma: A Life, and many articles. A graduate of UNM, he also holds a PhD in early modern European history from UCLA.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, May 5th is Giving Tuesday! Did you know Oasis is a non-profit organization, and we rely on our lifelong learning classes to pay the bills and support our Intergenerational Tutoring Program?

By now, you should have received our letter asking you to consider a contribution to Oasis during these challenging times. Thank you for your consideration.

CARES Act Charitable Deduction Changes:

For those of you who don’t itemize your taxes, the bill allows for up to $300 in charitable contributions to be an above-the-line deduction, meaning you don’t have to itemize to claim the deduction. Contributions must be made by cash, credit card, or check to qualified charities during 2020.

Tutoring Update!

mentor monday may 4We are optimistically recruiting enthusiastic, compassionate and patient volunteer reading mentors to join our Intergenerational Tutoring Program team this fall. Please share our Mentor Monday link below with your friends and family or have them visit our website at for more information.

Please enjoy this week’s edition of Mentor Monday vlogging with Vicki!

From all of us at Oasis, thank you!
Becky, Cynthia, Lisa, Melody, Sylvia, Vicki, and Kathleen